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Hi, I’m Alan Haynes, photographer, publisher, writer and webmaster here at PhotoCitizen. I’m a travel photographer based in sunny San Diego, California. I specialize in the USA and I’ve traveled to and photographed all 50 states.

I’ve traveled abroad, but find there is plenty right here in America to keep a travel photographer busy for life. Beautiful national parks, busy urban centers, quirky events, and interesting people; they’re all fair game. No passport required.

My work has been published worldwide and it’s still a blast to discover new uses of my photos across the globe. My photos have appeared in more places than I have: Israel, the Netherlands and the Russian Federation to name a few. They’ve been used in books, magazines, TV shows and newspapers from local freebies to the Wall Street Journal.

In a prior life, I received a degree in business computing and information systems and spent 26 years working in the telecommunications industry. Now I’m dedicated to travel photography and helping to educate an ever-growing universe of digital photographers.

PhotoCitizen contains information for traveling photographers of all kinds. You don’t need to be a pro: anyone who travels with a camera and cares about photography will find something useful here.

My goal is to share years of photographic and computer knowledge. I review products that I’ve used, help you navigate the sometimes messy world of computing for photographers, talk about places I’ve photographed and share general tips on travel photography.

The 3-Step PhotoCitizen Support Program

Since I’m the head honcho and sole employee of PhotoCitizen.com, I don’t make a dime from what I write. All of the information here is free to read.

PhotoCitizen is not a charity, but it is a non-profit (although, not by choice). My only chance to recoup some of the expenses involved in running a site like this is to entice my readers to offer support. Here are three ways you can help:

1) Buy something from one of my sponsors. This won’t cost you a thing and I’ll get a small referral fee. All you have to do is click on one of the links on PhotoCitizen first.

Some people even go out of their way to visit PhotoCitizen every time they get ready to shop or book travel. That’s what the banners in the upper left column are for. These are my favorite online merchants. I’ve been buying from them for years:

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2) Donate to PhotoCitizen. Cut out the middleman and use the button below to donate a few bucks via PayPal. You can use a credit card and you don’t even need a PayPal account.

The amount you donate is up to you. So far, my largest single donation was for $10. Any amount is appreciated and helps to pay for software, web-hosting and all the time I put into PhotoCitizen. Thanks.

3) Leave a comment. If you aren’t in the mood to spend any money, you can boost my spirits by writing a comment about something I’ve written. Or ask a question – I will respond as soon as humanly possible.

There’s a comment form at the end of each article such as this popular article.

I enjoy interacting with my readers. Although comments don’t pay the  bills they’re almost as good as cash to me.

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Thanks For Visiting

You can view my work at www.alanhaynes.com. My photographs are also available for licensing at Alamy and age fotostock. Prints can be ordered from Photoshelter.

Take some time to look around and come back often. See ya soon,

Alan Haynes - PhotoCitizen.com

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