Adobe Update Lightroom 3.4.1 Available Now.

by Alan Haynes / PhotoCitizen on May 25, 2011

A week after disabling the update feature in Lightroom 3 because of a software bug in the previous release, Adobe has re-enabled updates and released Lightroom version 3.4.1.

In my previous article, I reported that Adobe had discovered a rare bug in the previous release and had turned off Lightroom updates until it was fixed.

While updates were disabled, anyone trying to update Lightroom by using the Help menu’s “Check for updates” feature would see a window telling them, “The Version Check Was Unsuccessful.”

Adobe Lightroom 3.4.1 Update available now

Adobe Lightroom 3.4.1 Update

Yesterday, May 24th, Adobe released Lightroom 3.4.1 which replaces the previous version 3.4 (build 742960) and fixes the bug. Or, as Adobe puts it, the update “includes an important correction for a bug introduced in the Lightroom 3.4 release.”

So, updating is back to normal now. Next time you open up Lightroom, you’ll see the familiar message, “New software for Lightroom is available!” (The folks at Adobe get so excited about their updates that they can’t resist using an exclamation mark.)

Other improvements found in version 3.4.1 include support for a few more cameras (Canon Rebel T3i, Nikon D5100 and Fuji Finepix X100) and unspecified “Corrections for issues introduced in previous versions of Lightroom 3.”

Update or Upgrade Today

Open Lightroom 3 and download the update today. If you’d like to download the file outside of Lightroom, visit Adobe’s downloads page.

If you’re still using Adobe Lightroom 1 or 2, download your upgrade today for only $99 here: Adobe Lightroom 3.

Any purchases made through a link on this page help support PhotoCitizen. Thanks.

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